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In the hairdressing industry hairstylists have been renowned for being overworked and underpaid, creating unhappiness in the workplace and therefore poor quality. Creativity is often lacking, and failure to attain and then maintain high standards of professional skills is commonplace.

FIG the art of hair has brought back the passion for styling by giving the hairstylist opportunities, not only via a vibrant working environment but also by endeavouring to enable a high quality of life to go with it. Our industry sees many stylists juggling work and families so we at FIG the art of hair aim to accommodate each and every individual, ensuring they have the perfect balance whilst still being paid top dollar.

If you have a great attitude towards life and are open to new opportunities, you will be given all the tools to not only achieve but to surpass the industry's expectations in a prestigious and first class environment. FIG the art of hair wants to give you the opportunity for a better lifestyle.

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