Getting your hair ready for the big day is a key component to ensure you look your absolute best. Here are some tips...

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Ideally if you are a Bride-to-be you should consult your stylist at least six weeks prior to your wedding day, to ascertain what length the hair needs to be to achieve the hair style that you want on your big day. Preparation and planning is very important in areas such as conditioning treatments leading up to the day to ensure that your hair looks healthy and shiny, you should also arrange an appointment with your colorist about a week before; make sure that your stylist checks the condition of your hair in case the ends need attention. Your bridesmaids should also be thinking along these lines, and let's not forget mum. The bride and bridesmaids should wash and blow-dry their hair a day before the wedding so that the hair has more body; this will also save precious time on the day.