Face Shape

A hairstyle is a frame for your face.

And a great hairstyle is the perfect picture frame - it complements your features and brings out your own unique beauty.

The first step in finding that ideal hairstyle is to think about your bone structure and the shape of your face.

There are a few basic face shapes and there are styles that work best for each of them.
Can you pick yours here?

If you need help, please ask any of the expert hairstylists here at FIG the art of hair. We get very excited about creating a style that achieves the perfect degree of balance and symmetry for you.


Your face is widest at the cheeks and is almost as wide as it is long. A round face is wonderfully open and people easily warm to you. You can wear longer styles really well. Your best styles will add length to your face, so keep the sides in close and look for volume on the top. A layered shaggy look is perfect. High pony tails and up styles with loose tendrils around the hairline are also good. Side partings work well, as do micro or side swept fringes. Best length: any length but above or below your jaw line. Avoid chin length bobs.


Your forehead is slightly wider that your chin and you probably have fabulous cheekbones. Your face tapers gracefully to a narrow chin. Any style should suit you, so think about which facial features you would like to emphasise. For example:

  • A fringe will bring out your eyes
  • Hair swept off the face will highlight those great cheekbones
  • Height above your forehead will make your nose appear smaller

Best length: choose a length that is in proportion with your body and suits your hair type (curly, wavy or straight).


Your face is long and slender. You look elegant, artistic and interesting. The key to any great style for you is to create width to soften the length of your face. Think lots of volume. Layers are ideal and if you have curls make the most of them! Side swept fringes work well — so do those that just touch your eyebrows. Best length: short to medium. If your hair is past your shoulders keep it layered to provide width and fullness.


You have a narrow forehead and a wider jaw line which really brings the focus to your gorgeous smile. You make a fabulous first impression! Layers are great for you, with lots of height and volume at the crown. And the triangle shape is one of the few that can wear a full fringe — it will balance your face beautifully. Try tucking your hair behind your ears and add some gorgeous earrings. Best length: short to medium — preferably above your neckline and cut close into the nape.

Inverted Triangle

You have a wide forehead and a small delicate chin. This is the most romantic face: the heart shape. Look for styles that add width to the lower part of your face. Chin length bobs are especially flattering. Soft layers and waves also work well. As do side partings with hair on a slant to draw attention to your eyes and cheek bones. Light and wispy fringes will soften your forehead. Best length: short to medium — at or below your jaw line. Shoulder length is good, with fullness from your chin down.


Just like diamonds, this face shape is both rare and beautiful. You have a wide cheek line and a narrow forehead and chin. The all time classic bob works really well for you because it creates volume at the top and bottom of your face. Wispy fringes and side partings are great. As are feathered styles, especially with wisps over your cheek bones to soften them. Best length: chin length bobs or soft layers to your shoulders.


Your jaw line and forehead are roughly equal width. Your face is strong and interesting. Flowing layers are the key to your best style. Soften angles with gentle curves, long wispy tendrils or choppy ends to frame your face. Think texture, height and roundness. Side partings work especially well. Best length: short to medium — above or below your jaw line. Avoid chin length bobs.